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CCTV Systems

BDM Solutions offers closed circuit tv systems to meet the most demanding needs. Consult with our salespersonnel and learn how we can customize a solution for your CCTV project. We only work with the most cost-effective and trusted brands like digitial watchdog and employ certified installers. We have a demo page where you can see the difference between closed circuit and IP camera systems. Compare and choose the best option for you.

The VMAX A1™ offers HD recording up to 480fps at 960H and 720p and 240fps at 1080p resolution, supporting analog signals up to 960H, TVI and Analog High Definition (AHD) signals via analog infrastructure to offer a seamless upgrade to 1080p resolution. The A1™ is available in 4-, 8- and 16- channel configurations, is available with up to 12 Terabytes of internal storage and is backed by Digital Watchdog’s unbeatable 5 year limited warranty.